The Australian made Black Max ozone generator was introduced to the hydroponics farming industry in 1998 at a time when many farmers were unaware of the benefits of using ozone generators.     Key Features of our ozone generator - Commercial grade systems, Control fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and organochlorines, oxygenate the reservoir with ozone sterilization system, Unique heavy duty marine grade aluminium construction, Easy set up, Low maintenance, Long life, Set and forget, No chemicals, Environmentally friendly, Very affordable, Australian Made

Black Max Ozone Generators for Water Treatment

The use of ozone in hydroponic agricultural applications is expanding as farmers seek to increase crop yields, reduce operating costs and reduce environmental degradation by minimizing the use of water and chemicals on the farm.

Significant water and nutrient savings can be achieved by re-using the feed water in a closed system, but the potential for disease outbreaks is greatly increased, so these risks needs to be carefully managed, in a cost effective way.

The Black Max ozone generator produces ozone on demand. This eliminates the high ongoing purchasing and storage costs, and risks associated with the use of potentially dangerous chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide. 

Black Max ozone systems are the ideal water purification solution for both hydroponics and nursery applications.  Ozone is one of the most powerful fast acting oxidizing agents and one of the most effective bactericides. No harmful by-products are produced by the Black Max ozone generator and the use of air drying equipment is not required.  You should no longer need to use air bubblers, hydrogen peroxide or similar products.

Unlike other methods of ozonation, the Black Max ozone systems purify the holding tank water and nutrient mixing tank water by direct injection of ozone.  Commercial hydroponic farmers have proven that direct injection of ozone into the holding tanks and nutrient solution tanks increases plant yields.

Waterborne diseases are controlled by the injected ozone, which destroys fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and organochlorines.  Once the ozone has done its job in the water, the excess ozone breaks down into oxygen, which super oxygenates the nutrient solution. The abundant oxygen promotes rapid healthy root development. Plants grow faster and healthier, producing higher yields. You no longer need air bubblers, hydrogen peroxide or similar products.

Several methods can be used to directly inject the ozone into the holding tank water and nutrient solution tank water depending on the application.  See Ozone Systems for diagrams of typical Black Max installations. These systems incorporate a water flow through an ozone injector or jet to create a vacuum.  This vacuum is used to draw ozone out of the Black Max ozone generator and directly inject it into the water tank.

Ozonated water can also be used for washing and rinsing produce, extending its shelf life by destroying pathogenic bacteria, fungi and moulds found on the surface of the produce.  The Black Max BM2W used in ozone rinsing systems, has achieved results which comply with the latest Australia wide certification standard SQF2000.
To see photos of a Black Max ozone rinsing system in the Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine - click here

Black Max ozone generators are electrically approved by the Dept of Mines & Energy and C-tick approved.  Constructed from marine grade aluminium, the compact heavy-duty design has no moving parts to wear out and requires no regular maintenance.  The units have an external window to quickly confirm lamp operation, four mounting flanges for fast fixing and a piggyback plug for easy installation.

The Black Max has an advanced design that utilises two separate internal chambers, one for the UV lamp and ozone production, the other for control gear and wiring. This separation prevents ozone from damaging internal components, leading to a far longer operational life.  The life span of the unit is also increased by the fact that no water comes into contact with the ozone generator.

The Black Max ozone generator incorporates a high quality, long life industrial ozone producing UV (ultra violet) lamp, operating at a precise wavelength.  The specialised electronic starter also greatly increases the lamp life by instantly starting the lamp, without the flickering associated with a regular starter.

The Black Max ozone generator is Australian made and has a full twelve month warranty that covers all components, including the ozone lamp, even with timer operation (conditions apply).

We pride ourselves on the reliability and exceptionally long life span of our ozone generators and ozone lamps.  The Black Max ozone lamp can last for several years, with consistent ozone production levels. For maximum ozone output and to prevent the loss of ozone generating capacity occurring unexpectedly, we recommend that the ozone lamp is replaced every three years.

Install a Black Max ozone system and see the improvement in your crop.

Black Max water treatment ozone generators - available in two sizes

The Australian made Black Max ozone generator was introduced to the hydroponics farming industry in 1998 at a time when many farmers were unaware of the benefits of using ozone generators.

Output 3.0mg ozone / litre of air, for treatment of
water reservoirs of up to 10,000 litres
Larger water volumes can be treated with multiple units

Dimensions:  110mm wide x 65mm deep x 890mm long
Output 1.4mg ozone / litre of air, for treatment of
water reservoirs of up to 2,000 litres

Larger water volumes can be treated with multiple units
Dimensions:  110mm wide x 65mm deep x 430mm long
Read and follow operating instructions before using any Black Max ozone generator.  Observe OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) guidelines for your specific application.
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Black Max Ozone Systems - The Key to Waterborne Disease Control in Hydroponics
Healthy Water  ♦  Happy Plants  ♦ Higher Yields

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