The Australian made Black Max ozone generator was introduced to the hydroponics farming industry in 1998 at a time when many farmers were unaware of the benefits of using ozone generators.     Key Features of our ozone generator - Commercial grade systems, Control fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and organochlorines, oxygenate the reservoir with ozone sterilization system, Unique heavy duty marine grade aluminium construction, Easy set up, Low maintenance, Long life, Set and forget, No chemicals, Environmentally friendly, Very affordable, Australian Made
Black Max BM2W used to treat water in a produce rinsing system
photo by Steven Carruthers editor of Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses
Black Max BM2W used to ozonate the produce rinse water
Washing lettuce leaves with ozonated rinse water
Lettuce leaves washed in ozonated water to improve shelf life
Ghost Gully Produce photos by Joe Crane of Cyber Hydroponics
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Black Max Ozone Systems - The Key to Waterborne Disease Control in Hydroponics

Healthy Water  ♦  Happy Plants  ♦ Higher Yields


Black Max Ozone Generators
Black Max Ozone GeneratorsBlack Max Ozone Generators
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