The Australian made Black Max ozone generator was introduced to the hydroponics farming industry in 1998 at a time when many farmers were unaware of the benefits of using ozone generators.     Key Features of our ozone generator - Commercial grade systems, Control fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and organochlorines, oxygenate the reservoir with ozone sterilization system, Unique heavy duty marine grade aluminium construction, Easy set up, Low maintenance, Long life, Set and forget, No chemicals, Environmentally friendly, Very affordable, Australian Made

Air Treatment Ozone Generators               

Black Max air treatment ozone generators are designed to help control airborne bacteria, surface bacteria, germs, mould and organic odours etc.  Bacteria and odours are neutralised by interacting with the ozone produced by the Black Max.
Our air treatment systems can be used for odour control in garbage storage areas and for remediation of smoke or pet affected dwellings. They can also be used in bakeries, mushroom farms and similar applications where the control of airborne bacteria, surface bacteria and mould is required (see safety notes below).
Ozone is one of the fastest acting oxidizing agents known to science and it breaks down into oxygen leaving no chemical residues. The Black Max air treatment ozone generator is typically suitable for wall or ceiling mounted applications.  The operation of this unit is not affected by high temperatures or high humidity environments.
The heavy duty Black Max ozone generator is constructed from marine grade aluminium, with separate ozone production and control gear chambers for extra long life.  The Black Max incorporates a high quality, high output industrial ozone producing ultra violet (UV) lamp, protected behind a mesh screen.  The ozone lamp operates at a precise wavelength to optimise ozone output and the use of a specialised electronic starter greatly increases the lamp life.
Black Max air treatment units are simple to operate with no regular maintenance required, are extremely reliable and have an exceptionally long life span.

The Black Max ozone generator is Australian made and has a full twelve month warranty that covers all components, including the ozone lamp.
Black Max Air Treatment units available in two sizes.
Output 1.4mg of ozone per litre of air
Output 3.0mg of ozone per litre of air

Read and follow operating instructions before using any Black Max ozone generator.
Observe OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) guidelines for your specific application.
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Black Max Ozone Systems - The Key to Waterborne Disease Control in Hydroponics

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Black Max Ozone Generators
Black Max Ozone GeneratorsBlack Max Ozone Generators
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